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Magnetic Self Winding Charging Cable

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This unique new charging cable is a cord that's filled with little magnets which keep it super organized and tidy when you're using it or even when you're not. It perfectly wraps up into a coil, and might just be the most organized charging cable ever made!

Can be used both as a short cable and a long cable in one, and it doesn't require you to disconnect your phone from the charger to use it. Just pull you phone, and the magnets will instantly extend the cord to make it longer.

Just wrap it back up when you're ready to make it a short cable once again. It's also perfect for use on a wireless charger, and for use on other devices where you'd like a short non-messy cable.


  • Easy to carry
  • Durable materials
  • Fast charging
  • Two in one - Charging & Data transfer
  • 3feet length

The fidget toy magnetic charging cable comes with 5 different connection options, including iPhone to USB A, iPhone to Type C, Micro USB to USB A, Type C to USB A, along with Type C to Type C.