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Squashed Animal Bookmark

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Reading is more fun with our  Squashed Animal Bookmark! These  hilarious squashed expressions  will help you keep track of where you’ve left off reading.

Ouch! Squash me and I won't mind!

A unique bookmark to help you  keep track of where you last stopand represent a fantastic way  to get children to read. Save the poor animal who’s stuck in the book. Fun and easy to use.


  • Doesn't pop off the books -  These  funny bookmarks are not very light like paper and therefore doesn't slip off the books and you won't ever lose them.
  • Holds the book pages flat open -  It gets frustrating when the book pages especially the music or hymn books closes or pages flips while playing music.
  • Keeps your books readable for longer -  These cute animals let as many people read books with minimal damage and helps books stay readable for longer. Because you don't have to dog-ear to mark your favorite pages that you would like to re-read or to continue from where you started.